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Pan Asia Cable Co. Ltd. was founded in June 1997, is located in known as "Chinese pottery" of the Jiangsu city of Yixing Province, covers an area of nearly 80 thousand square meters, construction area of more than 50 thousand square meters, the registered capital of 200 million yuan, the total assets of 438 million yuan, more than and 200 employees, annual production capacity of over 2 billion yuan. Is a set design, development, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the high-tech enterprises of wire and cable; at present, the comprehensive index of manufacturing enterprise technology, product quality and economic benefits in the same industry.
The company's main products are high and low voltage power cable, mine cable, marine cable, cable rail, nuclear power cable, cable, cable, wind instrument cable, communication cable, building environmental protection cable and fire retardant, low smoke halogen-free, water and oil resistant, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature, flat shaped, integrated etc. special cable, a total of more than a thousand kinds of specifications series. Widely used in electric power, coal, metallurgy, petrochemical, shipbuilding, construction and transportation, communications and other fields, has been the national grid of Sanjiang port engineering, CGNPC Fangchenggang nuclear power project, Shenhua Ningxia coal Qingshuiying coal mine, coal Pingshuo Mine, the Capital International Airport Terminal two, Masteel New Area Project, Guangzhou Metro line eight and other key projects project selection.
The company has an experienced management team, brought together a group of senior research design, technology, quality assurance and old manufacturing personnel, the existing staff with college education accounted for 35%, senior titles accounted for 12.2%. All employees have to undergo professional basic training, on-the-job training and education, most of the staff also received cable professional learning system. The company is equipped with the domestic first-class, the world's leading cable production line more than and 220 sets (sets), the formation of a reasonable layout, smooth flow, complete set of production lines. The production of raw materials used in today's domestic and foreign well-known enterprise products, is a long-term cooperation in the selection of high-quality suppliers. Company central laboratory complete testing equipment and production of real-time quality testing equipment can independently complete the whole process from raw materials, WIP to detect cable products, testing technology of test equipment, skilled excellent, can fully guarantee the high reliability of the quality of the finished cable.
In recent years, the company has the quality, environment, occupation health and safety management system certification; have passed the 3C quality and safety certification, production license of industrial products, export product quality permit, the coal mine product safety standard certificate, environmental product certification marks; and has won the province famous brand products and famous trademarks, quality credit enterprise, national level contract and trustworthy enterprises, 3A grade corporate credit ratings, such as high-tech enterprises and won the national customer satisfaction products, wire and cable Chinese ten famous brand title.
Decades of trials and hardships, standing on the new starting point of the Pan Asia, about adhering to the "proactive, innovative" spirit of enterprise and responsibility, mission, and win-win "values, and strive to create" green, science and technology, humanities Pan Pan Pan ", and constantly create a new situation of fast and sustainable development. Open and inclusive Asia sincerely look forward to further strengthen cooperation with new and old friends, hand in hand, together to create a more brilliant tomorrow!